17. 07. 2019.

Implement High Performance Computing tools to test cluster stability

There are many benchmark testing tools that are focusing on various fields of a cluster like computing capabilities, energy efficiency, data & storage, memory etc. In this article I’m going to use Somberero – High Performance Computing tool suitable to run a test against your home PC or cluster of supercomputers. Sombrero is particularly useful […]

13. 09. 2017.

How to clone Oracle Grid/Cluster database to a new server

Goal of this exercise is to clone Oracle database that is using Grid / Clusterware components to a separate server. Although you can find some articles on the Internet, problem is they are covering how to change the host name and/or IP address in case of Oracle Restart. This article will show you much more: […]

24. 04. 2017.

RAC One Node and automatic database relocation

I know there are other places where you can find why you don’t want that Oracle cluster automatically relocate RAC One Node from one node to the other (only one node can be active in RAC One Node configuration). First I’d like to explain what reasons can be behind that. Those are the most common […]

27. 02. 2017.

How to protect UC4 Scheduler with Oracle Clusterware (RAC)

UC4 Scheduler (Atomic) is one of the best software scheduler on the market, recently acquired by CA. In my case, UC4 is used for scheduling batch jobs for Oracle Retail and for the integration platform (Oracle Service Bus, JMS, AQ…). It is a very scalable scheduler which in my case is executing more than 20.000 […]

21. 07. 2016.

Migrating ASM diskgroups to another storage without downtime

Task to migrate ASM diskgroups to another storage is not too complicate if you can afford some downtime period. If you can, then the basic steps are: 1. Shut down all Oracle Db instances that are using ASM instance which you are going to migrate into the new storage. 2. Shut down Grid infrastructure/Clusterware (that […]