Last time, all components (network, storage, Grid infrastructure…) are prepared for Oracle database RAC installation with a minimal time and effort thanks to Flashgrid’s wizard which, behind the scene, is using Cloud Formation template to setup everything, including installation of all necessary patches available at the time of installation.


You can find more on the following link:



This time I’ll continue with database creation assistant (dbca) wizard to install the database itself.

For the purpose of this test, I didn’t change much from default (besides switching from Automatic Memory Management to Automatic Shared Memory Management, some parameters, log size and fiel location).

The only surprise during the database installation is a Linux swap – which is deliberately disabled while running code-as-a-template wizzard (check my previous blog), because it might cause node eviction and similar issues when running Oracle RAC under the heavy load.

For that reason you should ignore Oracle’s prerequisite check as you can see on the following picture.

Linux swap deliberately disabled
Ignoring swap prerequisite


Next task is to generate Simple Order Entry schema which is part of the Swingbench stress testing tool created by Dominic Giles.

More information about Swingbench you can find on the following link:


You should generate at least 100 GB of data for stress test to be valid, where 1 TB is preferred but also time consuming and costly (we are in the Cloud where you pay per minute/load).

For that reason I stayed at 100 GB which is quite enough for the purpose of this test.


Here are the steps to create SOE schema

Connection sring for the Oracle RAC
SOE schema location and password
Database options depends on your database (Enterprise or standard) and license
Choosing the SOE schema size
Level of paralellism depends on the number of CPU on your machine
Monitoring log
Monitoring progress of the SOE schema installation
OS load when creating SOE schema
SOE schema installation have been completed


Next time I’ll present results from the performance test.

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