17. 04. 2020.

New subscribe option added

Since many of 10k+ readers of this blog have requested it, today a new Subscribe option has been added. If you subscribe, you will be notified when a new article is published. Subscribe button is available on each Blog or News page as well as under the Contact and About pages. Enjoy in reading.

19. 03. 2020.

Croatian Artificial Intelligence Society

I’m proud to announce that I’ve become a member of Croatian Artificial Intelligence Society. I’m looking forward to exchange ideas with other colleagues from this field at some future event.   More about the society you can find on the following link: https://www.croai.org/index_en/  

02. 03. 2020.

Javantura v7 – impressions after the conference

I’m glad that I saw more than expected number of developers who wanted to find out how to boost Java apps up to the 10000 times by visiting my session named “Performance Tuning by using Java Stored procedures”.   You can take a look at the atmosphere in and around the conference on the following […]

06. 02. 2020.

Performance Tuning by using Java Stored procedures

At the Javantura v7 conference that will be held on February 22 in Zagreb, Croatia, I’ll have a presentation called “Performance Tuning by using Java Stored procedures” Java stored procedures is one of the least known and explored fields within the Java ecosystem that may, if used properly, bring incredible performance boost and new functionality in […]

20. 01. 2020.

“Designing Cloud based solutions for global enterprises” published in EU High Performance Computing magazine

I’m happy to announce that my lecture named “Designing Cloud based solutions for global enterprises” which I held on .debug conference in December 2019, has been published in the most respected European magazine dedicated to high performance computing.   New issue of the EU High Performance magazine can be found on the following link: https://www.hipeac.net/magazine/7153/ […]

09. 01. 2020.

.Debug – impressions after the conference

Despite many improvements I’d like to see next time (this was the first conference in a row), all in all, the conference was successful due to the large interest within developers community in this part of the Europe with 3 parallel tracks, 50 interesting sessions and 600+ developers in the audience. For that reason the […]

05. 12. 2019.

Expertido awards for one of the best Oracle blogs out there

It’s a pleasure to announce that my blog https://www.josip-pojatina.com/en/ has been selected as one of the best Oracle blogs out there based on content quality, authenticity factors, uniqueness, data security and a bunch of other aspects. Blog is considered as reliable and trustworthy and for that reason Expertido added it on its best list. Here […]

20. 11. 2019.

.debug – Designing Cloud based solutions for global enterprises

I’d like to invite you on .debug, the largest developers conference in SI Europe. The conference will take place from the twelfth to the thirteenth of December 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. Pay attention for a session named – “Designing Cloud based solutions for global enterprises” which will take place on Friday, December 13th from 15 […]

06. 11. 2019.

FlashGrid SkyCluster – Oracle RAC in the Cloud review is completed

Last week FlashGrid SkyCluster performance and stress testing is finally completed. FlashGrid SkyCluster allows you to create and run Oracle RAC in the Cloud (all three major Public Cloud vendors are supported) with a few mouse clicks thanks to Infrastructure-as-Code template which actually does the magic of creating, patching and configuring all components. More about […]

03. 10. 2019.

CSW Autumn 2019, Bilbao

HiPEAC, European High Performance Computing Society, an elite network of 800 PhD students and scientists from R&D departments from the global most advanced technology companies, will hold CSW Autumn event from October 28-30, 2019 in Bilbao, Spain.   This time, CSW will focus on digital transformation and innovation. Some of the most interesting topics are: […]