27. 02. 2019.

Presentation from the Javantura v6 conference about Java Mission Control – now available for download

If you are interested to learn more about the best JVM tuning tool which is from recently free, you can check the presentation from Javantura v6 conference on the following link: https://www.slideshare.net/hujak/javantura-v6-java-mission-control-now-in-openjdk-best-practice-josip-pojatina

19. 02. 2019.

Javantura v6 – 6th International Java Community Conference in Croatia

I’d like to invite you to one of the largest Java and Open Source conferences in South East Europe where I’ll hold a lecture about Java Mission Control, the most important tool for tuning all applications that are running on top of the JVM, which means everything what is worth of attention, from IoT up […]

18. 02. 2019.

Operations Research and Management Science Society membership

Since the end of the 90’s when I’ve completed my first Production Scheduling application for the client in the Pulp&Paper industry, I’ve always been delighted with substantial savings that can be achieved by applying Operational Research and Management Science to address real industry challenges.   Today it is my honour to announce that I have […]

15. 02. 2019.

European High Performance Computing Society membership

It is my honour to announce that Steering Committee of European High Performance Computing Society (HIPEAC), the elite group of European most knowledgeable IT Scientists, accepted me as a HIPEAC Member.

15. 02. 2019.

Building real-time Kafka pipelines and Kafka security Meetup

Instead of using old-fashion architecture to integrate large IT systems like Enterprise Service Bus / XML, you might want to consider Apache Kafka, high performance, extremely scalable framework, which is essential part of Big Data stack today. I participated on that meeting with almost 100 IT engineers, as the main topic was very hot: Building […]