From numerous of IT conferences since the beginning of the year, three of them excel with its quality and content.


On January 26th – 27th I’ve participated on Worldwide Software Architecture Summit and it was a big surprise, since the content of the conference has exceeded my expectations in many ways.

If you missed it, I’m warmly recommend to participate next time.

More info you can find on the following link:


If you are more interested for Data Lake conferences, Subsurface Live Winter 2021 conference is for you.

Held from the January 27th – 28th and supported by Dremio, you can probably find many interesting topics.

It’s still not too late to register and get access to the digital content.

The link is:


The last conference you might be interested is Datanova, supported by Starburst (founders of the Facebook Presto project) with many hot topics covered from the Hybrid analytics, BigData optimization etc.

The conference was held from the 9th – 10th February, 2021.

You can find more on the following link:

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