Although it is difficult to come across a project that doesn’t includes real-time data integration as one of its main requirements, in a real life many companies are struggling to reach that goal even though they are using the “best possible tools” on the market.

Complexities imposed by many different architecture styles (client-server, SOA, Microservice based architecture and Edge) followed by the existence of many different technologies and data formats in place along with variations in data location (on-premises, Hybrid or Cloud) are just a few challenges you need to solve along a way.

Enriching your real-time data pipelines with AI/ML/Deep Learning algorithms and applying real-time data analytic along a way is another major goal you might wish to achieve.

If this sounds familiar, you might be interested to visit my lecture named “Real-time data integration – tips & tricks” on debug next week (Thursday, 2.6.2022.) where I’ll share a couple of ideas and tricks how to solve the most common issues.

More details you can find on the following link:

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