16. 08. 2018.

Exadata / Linux crash – capturing kernel dump on Linux systems

This article has been motivated from real life issue experienced on Exadata system running a few dozen of Oracle databases. I have already written about Exadata shortcoming in one of previous articles where I stressed that one of the main disadvantages of Exadata machine is non-existent virtualization technology. Oracle recognizes Oracle VM as the only […]

27. 05. 2018.

Exadata shortcomings Part 2

Flexibility   Flexibiliy is a weak point in case of Exacloud also that I tested last year (you can found on this site). Exadata is delivered with pre installed and configured SW and 2 node cluster. It’s true that you can destroy it and customize, but that’s not the point (in that case it’s much […]

27. 05. 2018.

Exadata shortcomings Part 1

It’s very difficult to write about Exadata Appliance, the famous jewel in the Oracle offering, machine that combine HW and SW that are engineered to work together. There is no point to repeat what you can already know or find in books, web or wherever. On the other side, rarely you can find that someone […]

29. 03. 2017.


Here I’ll describe what will happen if your sysadmin are going to restart VIO servers and not co-ordinate activities with DBA. Although you have multipath configured, VIO servers are critical for normal IBM AIX LPAR functionality, as they share HW devices to LPAR VMs. If you are having RAC or RAC One Node configuration, this […]

10. 11. 2015.

DNS server replacement and influence on Java apps

This is one of the longest living issues I’ve got for resolving, as in busy production environments you can rarely get some time frame for action on DNS. First let me explain the issue. Client where I’ve been working need to replace one very old DNS server with a new one. On each server we […]

07. 10. 2015.

Moving Oracle running process to background without interruption on AIX

Imagine that you are going home, but before you go, you start some script (bash, Oracle SQL*Plus, or PL/SQL procedure) for which you didn’t know or didn’t think in advance that job you start to execute can take a long time to finish, and can’t be interrupted. In this blog I’m assuming you are running […]

07. 06. 2015.

How to speed up copying files over the network

Assuming that ftp service is disabled for security reasons, the most admins are using scp to copy files to/from the target server. As many users have already noticed, the file transfer is slow (at least slower then NFS share or Samba for example). Reason for this is in the letter “s” in the scp command which […]