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where I’ve added part that describes situation when you cannot boot your system at all, but Linux distro image DVD is still not required.


To be able to troubleshoot further what is going on, you need to start your Linux server machine.

When the following screen shows up, press “e” to Edit GRUB menu.

Editing selected kernel version

If you want to boot into the console mode (no GUI, but with network enabled), you need to add

systemd.unit command line argument as you can see on the following figure:

Booting into the console mode argument means init 3 – to boot into the console mode

After that you can press Ctrl+X to continue booting into console mode (ex init 3).

At the end you should get the command prompt like on the following picture:

Login into the console

Possible values for argument are best described on the following picture:

Possible values for



Linux (unlike some competitors) has many ways to restore the system that refuses to start.

The flexibility that every Linux system has to offer is one of the major differentiator and one of the reasons for such dominance on the server side.

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