22. 01. 2019.

Python & Oracle Instant Client connection setup on Linux

In the previous post https://www.josip-pojatina.com/en/python-oracle-connection-options/ you can find how to connect to Oracle database by using cx_oracle Python driver, full Oracle Client installation and Red Hat rpm based distribution (Red Hat, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Fedora).  In reality, more than 90% of all Linux servers in a Cloud belongs to Ubuntu (unlike on premise situation where […]

18. 01. 2019.

Python as bash replacement

Even today, on many projects I can still find that many developers are still using bash & Korn shell or even Pro*C as a main tool for developing scripts that will be executed as part of batch job in one of the following ways: Unix/Linux cron Oracle’s dbms_job / dbms_scheduler commercial enterprise job scheduling software […]

04. 01. 2019.

How to efficiently debug PL/SQL code

Almost every day I remember proverb/adage: if you haven’t discovered anything new for a while, it doesn’t mean you know everything and there is nothing left that you can learn. It only means you stop learning. I started with SQL Developer when it was internal and later alpha project inside the Oracle with a code […]

13. 09. 2018.

Bash performance tuning by example – How to delete 1 million files from file system, and how to do that fast?

In this article I’ll show my approach to solve real world performance problem by using bash scripting language.   Problem statement is: How to delete 1 million files from file system, and how to do that fast?   File system maintenance is important aspect of sysadmin job. It’s not only important to maintain file system, […]

16. 08. 2018.

Exadata / Linux crash – capturing kernel dump on Linux systems

This article has been motivated from real life issue experienced on Exadata system running a few dozen of Oracle databases. I have already written about Exadata shortcoming in one of previous articles where I stressed that one of the main disadvantages of Exadata machine is non-existent virtualization technology. Oracle recognizes Oracle VM as the only […]

08. 05. 2018.

Oracle tracing mechanism and when not to use it

Quite recently I had to trace/profile an extremely intensive batch job to provide information to Oracle for a further analysis. At very first moment it was obvious that this is a wrong approach and whatever we’ll get, it cannot server as evidence of performance issue that we have, as TKProf is designed to trace single […]

17. 09. 2015.

SQLcl tool – a modern SQL*Plus

With the new version of SQL Developer 4.1, Oracle makes available early adopter of the SQLcl, a new tool that might replace SQL*Plus tool. I’ve make some tests with version last updated on September 14th, 2015 (version This is the list of features that I like the most. 1. autocomplete Better than rlwrap utility […]

06. 09. 2015.

SQL Developer 4.1 New Performance Related Features

SQL Developer has been my favorite tool for database development and administration from the beginning, as it has many advantages over commercial tools, neglecting the price difference. The name of the tool is a bit misleading as it suggest that the target audience are database developers, which is not correct. The main progress during the […]