Shift, the largest conference in the SI Europe, held from 30 – 31 May 2019 in Split, Croatia, is bringing together speakers and talented developers from all over the world.

This was my first appearance at the conference, and I encourage you not to miss it next year, as you’ll find many interesting people and sessions there, besides one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The most impressive sessions was “More than you ever wanted to know about resource hints” by Harry Roberts, where speaker explains several ways of how to tune Web page response time by tuning the CSS (along with JS & HTML5) which make a difference between ordinary and professionally created Web sites.


You can find more on the following link:


Although the conference is pretty popular (according to the organizer it will be more than 1300 attendees), in its 8th edition I expected to get much more.


Here is what I would do to make Shif Dev a better conference.

  • Parallel sessions
    Although you might consider workshops as a second track, it might be better to have more sessions in parallel. That way developers would have a choice which presentation they want to visit.

    Currently if presentation is not interesting, your only choice is to take a coffee break (which is also not a bad idea).
  • Business day
    Some sessions are purely technical ones, but several sessions are pure marketing that promotes some company.
    For that reason on many conferences you can find business day(s) separated from the technical part of the conference.

    The same I would suggest here: to have business day separated from the technical sessions.
  • Narrow down spectrum of different topics
    As of now, many conferences focus on something like some specific technology with a big names behind (e.g. Oracle or Microsoft…), Open Source tools, specific scientific field (e.g. Machine Learning, Distributed Systems…) or some specific language (Python, Java…).

    Shift Dev has something from all fields (although most sessions where related to the Web).
  • Closed After party
    Goal of every after party is to socialize with a people that share similar interest with you.

    For that reason, After party should be closed (no “intruders” from outside), and sound should be moderate so that the participants can talk to each other.


Despite my suggestions, It is a great success to bring so many developers and speakers from all over the world in Split.


All in all, I wish to Shift Dev a long life and many successful conferences in the future.

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