From November 14 – 17 2022 I attended the Software Architecture Gathering for the first time.

Here are my post conference impressions.

Unlike majority of IT conferences which serves more or less as a marketing field to propagate interests of big software and Cloud companies behind the conference, this one is an exception, although even here you can find some lectures that are not technically correct.

From the conference lectures you can learn there is not just two architecture styles: monolith & microservice, and why such thinking is a reason that majority of companies suffer from effects of implementing wrong architecture when migrating from the old monolith.

Some of the negative effects can reflect in many times broken project deadlines and budget, extremely (unnecessary) complex architecture, system which is difficult to maintain, upgrade, monitor and debug, shortage of skilled people and slow performance when compared to the “old” architecture.

First two conference days are reserved for full & half days workshop, but since the topics are too complex to be understandable within one day or half day session, I would suggest to save some money and buy tickets only for the last two days with lectures & keynotes.

If you are enterprise, data or software architect you may find a couple of interesting lectures.

For overall quality of lectures I would give 3.5 stars.

It’s interesting to mention that conference overlaps with the Worldwide Software Architecture Summit, another conference that covers similar topics, which I also recommend to attend.

You can find out more on the following link:

and conference schedule is available here:

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