The University of Edinburgh (founded in 1582, 6th oldest university in the English-speaking world, ranked 18th in the world by the 2019 QS World University Rankings) hosted CSW Spring 2019 conference, organized by the European High Performance Computing Society (HiPEAC).

An ancient ambient has connected history with a future of computing (and human lives).

Conference was also a great chance to share experiences/visions/projects among a leading IT Scientists that are coming from the European universities and leading global IT companies.

Among many excellent presentations, here are my favorites:

  • European leadership in defining the future role of high-performance computing, big data handling and artificial intelligence in numerical weather and climate prediction, by Peter Bauer
  • Micro-Clusters for High-Performance Computing at the Edge, by group of professors from the University of Glasgow
  • Deep Learning for Resource-constrained Systems
  • Edge AI Inference & Training
  • The 5th wave of computing by Brent Gorda, ARM director of HPC Ecosystem

I encourage anyone interested in learning the most exciting part of the IT Science to find a time and participate in one of the future events.

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