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My name is Josip Pojatina. I'm computer engineer who spent 25+ years of my professional career in creating efficient and scalable software architecture, Performance tuning and troubleshooting, Real-time integration, Real-time Machine & Deep Learning, Big Data and Operations research. Here I'll share my experience and issues solved over time that could save your time. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog.
Optimization of critical business processes & operations

Operations Research allow to optimize the most important business processes while satisfying all constraints (time, capacity, money...) at the same time.

With production reference of in-house developed software since 1999 in the field of Production Scheduling & Supply Chain optimization for large manufacturers in Pulp&Paper industry, you can be confident to get the best consultancy support to resolve your business challenges.

Performance Troubleshooting & Tuning

In complex IT systems when the performance bottleneck problem shows up, it is crucial, instead of guessing and assuming, to know exactly where the problem is and how to fix it.

With over a twenty years of experience in performance troubleshooting & tuning on the largest Global projects based on Oracle & Open Source technology, I can help to correctly identify bottlenecks and to deliver optimal solution to my clients, where some of them are from the Fortune Global 100 list.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data & High Performance Computing

Although in the last year or two Machine Learning & AI have become the mainstream technology, I've started with financial and sales prediction based on Neural Networks 15+ years ago.

Equipped with a knowledge from complementary fields such as Operational Research, Big Data, High Performance Computing and System & Software architecture, I can help to build smart, scalable and fast IT system that will make company to be more efficient and competitive.

Enterprise and Cloud Architecture

In today's Cloud & Internet of Things world, with exponential growth of generated data, even a small applications might experience performance issues if you fail to ensure robust, scalable architecture.

Armed with knowledge acquired from the High Performance Computing field (Big Data, Massive parallelism & Clustering), and having a good insight from storage layer up to the software architecture, data modelling, Enterprise & Cloud architecture, I can help you to avoid making a mistakes that would later be difficult to fix.

Oracle Retail Performance Tuning

With 20+ years of hands-on expertise with Oracle products, 12+ years of experience with Oracle Retail and numerous problems solved, especially from the Oracle Retail Price Management (RPM), Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS), Oracle Retail Sales Audit (ReSA), Retail Integration Bus (RIB), Invoice Matching and Oracle Retail Batch Chain Optimization,

I provide consulting services that enable you to profit the most from your investment in Oracle Retail in terms of licenses needed while achieving user satisfaction.

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