21. 04. 2016.

RPM – unable to open promotion component performance issue

Recently I’ve got a new interesting issue, which clearly shows all the traps and different kind of knowledge required to solve it. The tile of the issue is “Unable to open promotion component”. In description of the issue I’ve found the following: Users are unable to enter promotion component when it has more than a […]

25. 02. 2016.

PL/SQL vs Java for Data intensive tasks

This is the second part of my previous article, where I’ve compared PL/SQL with Java on CPU intensive tasks. I’ll use simple task of inserting values into the table with LOB columns, calculating the length of LOB, trim the LOB and re-calculate the length again. Although not realistic, test case is good enough to show […]

09. 02. 2016.

PL/SQL vs Java vs C vs Python for CPU intensive tasks – architectural decision

Main goal of this article is to show performance comparison mainly between PL/SQL and Java (running inside and outside of the Oracle Db), with included C and Python code just to be able to compare results. This may hopefully help you to decide where you are going to put Java CPU intensive code when you’ll […]

10. 11. 2015.

DNS server replacement and influence on Java apps

This is one of the longest living issues I’ve got for resolving, as in busy production environments you can rarely get some time frame for action on DNS. First let me explain the issue. Client where I’ve been working need to replace one very old DNS server with a new one. On each server we […]