06. 09. 2017.

AWR migration between databases

This time I’ll explain AWR statistics migration between databases. This is not a new feature (available from 10g) but many DBA/Architects doesn’t know how to use it properly or even that this feature exist. Basically, the migration itself is very simple, and Oracle has provided scripts (awrextr.sql & awrload.sql) to make migartion as simple as […]

04. 08. 2017.

Chained rows and enq TX – Row Lock Contention

A couple of days ago, I’ve been called to solve integration interface issue between SAP and ReIM (ReIM is application within the Oracle Retail Suite). The main challenge when solving such issue is to find out where you should start with your analysis and to distinguish between what is the cause of the issue and […]

19. 07. 2017.

Streams AQ: enqueue blocked on low memory while using Data Pump utility in

While helping with migration of one Retail production system, I need to export certain schemas by using Data Pump utility. As the database is pretty small (about 3TB), I’ve just executed expdp command and expected it will finish within 2 to 3 hours. When I checked in the evening, on my surprise, Data Pump job […]

06. 06. 2017.

DDL Against An Object Dependent On By A Synonym Invalidates The Synonym Object

It’s always the time to learn something new. If you missed to learn something during the day, it doesn’t mean you know everything. It just means you stop learning. In this case, I believe if I compile the package, that action won’t invalidate synonyms based on that package/procedure/function, as shown in the following example: create […]

29. 05. 2017.

ORA 7445 error and plsql_optimize_level

This is the typical example when compiler during the compilation of the source code, can introduce bugs, as Oracle has to re-arrange the code and make many modifications (optimizations like inline expansion etc.) of the code to achieve better performance. With higher level of optimization, compiler modifications will make will be more intrusive. The same […]

17. 05. 2017.

To patch or not to patch, that is the question

I’ve modify words spoken by Prince Hamlet (William Shakespeare) a bit to explain one of the most common asked questions regarding the patching strategy especially in today’s complex IT environment. Probably very larger company have their specific policy how often they need to patch their IT infrastructure (for example storage/network/OS/databases/App Servers…). Parts of IT infrastructure […]

27. 02. 2017.

PCC-S-02201 error when compiling Pro*C program

Recently I have to develop/modify one of the most complex batch programs in Oracle Retail: the dealinc batch. After making several optimizations and change the program logic (Oracle even in the most recent version of Oracle Retail 14 & 15 did not fix all the performance issues related with this batch), I was not able […]

14. 12. 2016.

Calculating segment growth and related issues

One of the thinks that Oracle user would expect is to find on the Web script for segment growth report/analysis for the last x days. Although there are many scripts available, all of them (at least all scripts that I’ve checked) does not provide correct result. As scripts for tracking segment growth are all based […]

27. 11. 2016.

ORA-14137 after executing drop table purge;

I had a case where the drop table with purge option DDL statement produce the error from the title and left partitioned table in the partially dropped state. I can still see the table and all belonging objects like indexes/constraints… in dictionary, but If I try to select from that table, I get the following […]

06. 12. 2015.

Tips when performing Oracle Retail upgrade (as well as all kind of upgrades based on Oracle technology)

Having a good backup strategy before performing all kind of upgrades are essential when things are going wrong and you have to revert to a previous stage. This is not only important when upgrading infrastructure software like Oracle Database, but for all upgrades, especially with application software upgrades. I’ve been involved in several Oracle Retail […]