22. 07. 2019.

Oracle database benchmarking by using CALIBRATE_IO

CALIBRATE_IO is yet another popular database simulation/stress test utility, mainly used to perform IO benchmarks.   Procedure, that is part of DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER package, will generate read-only workload made up of 1 MB of random of I/Os to the database to determine the maximum number of IOPS and MB per second. You can save the following […]

17. 07. 2019.

Implement High Performance Computing tools to test cluster stability

There are many benchmark testing tools that are focusing on various fields of a cluster like computing capabilities, energy efficiency, data & storage, memory etc. In this article I’m going to use Somberero – High Performance Computing tool suitable to run a test against your home PC or cluster of supercomputers. Sombrero is particularly useful […]

07. 07. 2019.

bash history search on steroids

Today there are several hundreds (maybe even thousands) programming languages around (not to mention Domain Specific languages), but bash, with all its shortcoming, is still native language of all *nix servers around. With today’s choices you might not want to create scripts in bash, for one liners bash is still in. In this article I […]

04. 07. 2019.

When to use Manual Memory Management in Oracle

In this post I’ll explain one case when Manual memory management is superior over letting Oracle to automatically manage PGA memory. Recently I need to create a test table with 10 million rows by using CONNECT BY clause. When I issue the following DDL command: I’m getting the following error: PGA parameters where set to […]

01. 07. 2019.

Integrating BigQuery with internal on-premise apps into Hybrid Cloud solution

In previous article I’ve described how to use BigQuery by using DataGrip (cross-platform IDE for database management and development) from the client machine. This is useful when you want to quickly get result set based on the query and allows you to stay within a tool you already use. In this article I’ll describe how […]

30. 06. 2019.

Accessing Google BigQuery from your local machine

Google BigQuery is basically REST based web service to the Dremel technology (distributed system developed designed to querying large datasets).   In this article I’ll describe how to access Google BigQuery from your local machine by using DataGrip tool from JetBrains.   There are several ways to access Google BigQuery. The most obvious/official ones includes […]

07. 06. 2019.

Inconsistencies between BigQuery CloudShell and Query Editor

If you want to execute queries from the Google Cloud BigQuery web UI, two options are available: BigQuery Editor Cloud Shell console I’ve found an issue when your project ID includes hyphen such as “shaped-glazing-741658”. Here is an example to make it clear. The following query I can execute without any issue from the Query […]

06. 06. 2019.

Pitfalls when moving some load to the cloud

If you are considering moving some load to the Cloud, besides deep knowledge of all pros & cons and Cloud provider differences, you need to be aware of the Cloud pricing model not to regret later. In this case take a look of Google BigQuery service. You need to pay for a storage costs where […]

22. 05. 2019.

Troubleshooting boot issues in Linux – part 2

This article is an extension of the following one:   https://www.josip-pojatina.com/en/troubleshooting-boot-issues-in-linux/   where I’ve added part that describes situation when you cannot boot your system at all, but Linux distro image DVD is still not required.   To be able to troubleshoot further what is going on, you need to start your Linux server machine. […]

17. 05. 2019.

How to change the execution plan without changing the code in Oracle 10g

Recently I had an interesting case when I’ve been asked how to change the execution plan of one complex query without changing the code. I’ve already had a lecture with similar title at 2012 in Oracle User Group Conference – more details you can find at the following link: How to change the execution plan […]